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NDC London 2017 & SwanseaCon 2017

NDC London 2017 & SwanseaCon 2017

In January this year I gave my first ever (lightning) conference talk!

As well as a big thank you to the NDC submissions panel for thinking me worthy, I’d also like to extend my gratitude to all of the people who make NDC happen. As exciting as it was to be a speaker at such a high-calibre conference, for me, the truly best part was being able to see some amazing talks by some of the most accomplished (and smart) people in our industry.

It doesn’t take much reading through my previous posts to guess that my talk was about chat bots. The goal of my talk was to live-code a chatbot in under 15 minutes that I could then interact with in Skype, with the underlying theme being that creating chat bots is actually pretty straight forward and requires little to get going.

If any one is interested, have a watch of my talk on YouTube!

I enjoyed talking at NDC so much that I have since submitted a talk to and have been accepted to speak at SwanseaCon 2017. In keeping with the obvious theme, my talk will once again be about chat bots. This talk will include a similar live coding session as to what I showed at NDC but will also include insights into how we developed our customer service chat bot at Just Eat.